Croatia draw goalless with Morocco

In its debut in the World Cup, the current vice-champion Croatia was tied 0-0 with Morocco, this Wednesday, at Al Bayt, in Group F. The match was lacking in creativity and chances of goals for the teams. two sides. Under the leadership of Modric, the Croatian team failed to impose their football on the strong defense of Morocco, which also did not insist on having a presence in the attack.

Croatia entered the game with the intention of maintaining possession of the ball, exchanging many short passes and looking for infiltrations. For a moment, it was sovereign, but without creating danger plays. Gradually, the Moroccan team entered the match, tightened the scoring and made Modric’s team’s game very difficult. Thus, the match was very tied, with few goals chances for both teams. The most dangerous move of the match occurred at the very end, when Sosa crossed for Vlasic in the Morocco area. The midfielder deflected towards the goal and Bono made a great save.


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