Belgium beats Canada

Belgium confirmed its favoritism and beat Canada by 1-0, this Wednesday, at the Ahmad Bin Ali stadium, in Group F of the World Cup. But it was a lot of sweat. The Canadians surprised and were superior for most of the game, but faltered in the finals, including the penalty that Davies took and Courtois saved. The “Red Devils” take the lead.

Those who expected Canada to be closed in search of the counterattacks, saw the team pressuring the exit of Belgium, which was cornered and allowed the opponent to create chances in sequence. In all, there were 21 submissions by Canadians and nine by Belgians. One of the main moves of the match was the penalty kicked by Davies and saved by Courtois, just after ten minutes. Belgium got their winning goal in the 43rd minute, after Alderweireld made a launch from the defense and found Batshuay, who sent it into the net.


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